What Kind of Photos to Submit for Model Agency Representation?

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To get to the interview table of a Singapore model agency, your photos are akin to a resume. It is vital to submit the best quality and different type of photos, preferably on your first attempt, to nail a solid impression and get the best modeling jobs possible. We list a few tips and rules to photo submission that is incredibly useful in getting recognized and wanted by an agency.

1.    When in doubt, go simple.

Modeling agencies are not interested in a ready-made product. More often than not, it gives the impression that you are inflexible and can only work with limited styles. Agencies would much rather prefer a model that they can match styles with and develop from scratch.
There is no need to submit studio quality shots. Simple portraits with adequate lighting and clarity are enough. Furthermore, if your shots don’t suit the style the agency wants (For example you take editorial photo shoots rather than television commercial shoots) you might appear unappealing. Agencies are not expecting grandeur; they want to see your raw and authentic beauty as much as possible for them to determine the kind of model they have to work with. 

2.    Minimalism in style.
Don’t dress extravagantly in your photos (i.e. wedding dresses, prom dresses, expensive suits etcetera). Simple, plain colored clothing is enough. Most importantly, do not wear over revealing, or sexually provocative clothes. A Singapore model starting out is never required to send nudes or anything sexually sensitive unless you are a professional and established model and have filled in the proper paperwork for it.

Animal fur clothing is another issue you want to avoid. Fashion today is adapting to that which does not hurt other living beings or the environment. If the viewer of your photograph is sensitive on such issues, it may, in turn, affect your chances of joining the agency.

3.    Reveal your natural beauty.

Do not paint your face with excessive make-up, cosmetics or jewelry. A female model just needs to apply a little foundation, mascara, blush and lipstick, and a male model can apply a bit of powder without a noticeable change. For kids, it’s best to not have any make-up at all. Do wear any form of jewelry, but in minimal. Beyond affecting your natural look, do give the impression that you look and feel confident about yourself. This is very important as agencies want to view your natural face and the blank canvass that you provide them to work with.  

4.    Don’t reveal your crazy and wild side.

Don’t submit photos that you took at a party last Friday night; Save it for Instagram. In general, do not submit photos with anyone in it other than yourself. Submit your single photo with class and professionalism.

5.    Flaunt it, if you have it.

If you do want to show your lively and eccentric personality in a professional manner you can try posing with a swimsuit. Confidence is the key and do make efforts to appear natural on your photos.

6.    One head shot and one body shot at a minimum.  Give a variety of emotions.

Take one head and one body shot at a minimum. Show left, and right poses. Don’t smile in all photos, use your creativity and show various emotions to show your expressive versatility. Don’t be stingy with your expressions.  

7.    Make sure your photos are an actual representation of your physical body.

Never submit a photo which is totally different what you look like. The last impression you want to make is that you’re a person that lacks integrity or confidence. It will also disappoint the agency you are applying for when they meet a totally different person from what they saw on your photograph.

8.    Let your hair loose.

Ok, 2 things here, one is the metaphorical version of the expression, be completely relaxed in your photographs. One of the key distinctions between a model and others is his/her confidence. Do not show your stress. Next, in the literal sense let your hair loose, keep it neat and luscious. Agencies want to know what kind of hair you have that they can work with.

9.    Avoid background clutter.

Do not distract the viewer with too many things in the background. The agency wants to see only YOU, so stick with solid colored backgrounds.

10.    Provide your contact details.

Agencies will be quick to call you for an interview upon glancing through your photographs so make sure while providing your accurate contact information you remain contactable. You will also be contacted for jobs if you are selected, so be readily contactable.

A good photograph is a product of a countless number of attempts. Thus, invest time and effort in creating photos that will stand out from your competition.  A Singapore model of today will have a tough time out beating the competition in the growing modeling industry. All in all, do your homework on the agency before submitting your photographs.