Top 5 Qualities that a Model Agency in Singapore Look for in a Model

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In a model agency Singapore based, the sheer diversity, allows everyone to stand a valid chance in modeling. However simply “looking good” isn’t enough, and there are certain qualities you need to possess that will help you stand out from the competition.

Being a hub of many things Singapore’s recent aspiration is to be a fashion hub as well, and it certainly has all the potential to be so. However, a unique position we are put in is our multi-ethnic and diverse range of people and models. Models, particularly those selected for advertorials and commercials, are often chosen by clients based on how relatable they are to the audience and how they represent the general population. For example, big brands like Nike have started using plus sized models because they represent American women better, so that people will believe and relate to their products more as well. 

1.    Being Natural and Confident in your Body

Modeling isn’t how about whether you are short or tall, fat or thin, but it’s more about being confident and natural with the way you handle your body. Knowledge of various poses and styles will be useful when it comes to testing shoots and allows the photographer to easily work with you for complex shots. This will gain you a better reputation, a better portfolio and future chances can be created.  Many times your interviews will also assess your confidence and your ability to convince clients of your modeling expertise and worth. Hence, this brings into play the need to have a confident personality.

2.    Photogenic Look

However good your features are in real life, when it comes to modeling you must have a camera friendly look. Photogenic characteristics are usually inherited naturally. Features such as angular bone and jaw structure, symmetrical face, even skin tones, are some aspects, which create an attractive look and make you look pleasant to the eye. Through posing properly, being confident with your stance and managing your look, we can help us develop the skills to be photogenic and naturally appealing face structure holds great importance as well. This doesn’t mean it is a biased job, anyone can still be a model, and a modeling agency can still want the look you have depending on the suitability of your role for the project. As long as you passionate enough, you can give it a shot.

3.    Creating a Successful Portfolio
Initial investments of time and money have to be made to create a portfolio that appeals to clients. Many people easily dismiss this process as expensive and tedious, but truth is a successful portfolio is akin to a resume and is the ticket to many opportunities for success and is something that is required to establish oneself in a model agency Singapore based.

4.    Good Posture and Runway Model Abilities
If you are a model, who wants to make it big in the industry and aspire beyond small roles, you will likely be involved in runway modeling. Too much slouching or bent back problems must be sorted out quickly. A model needs to be able to walk straight and symbolize confidence.

5.    Strong Network of Contacts and Bookers
To get the best modeling job opportunities you need to have good contacts and a network of clients. Model agency Singapore based, such as Create Talents and Models will have specialized bookers who link up model with their unique styles to various clients. 

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