How to Pick the Kids for a Best Modelling Agency?

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There are so many kids modelling agencies in Singapore! How do you choose the best one out of all?

Does your pretty or handsome kid have a natural knack for posing in front of the camera? Do they envision becoming the next Miranda Kerr, Tyra Banks or star on Victoria’s Secret? Are they confident in front of the camera and express a vibrant personality?

Your kiddo may be the next big star! It’s better to start at a certain young age where the mind is perfectly suited to learn new things. However, there are a few noteworthy pointers to determine whether your child is best suited for modeling, and that you are picking the best kid for job.

Both Parent and Child must be committed to modeling

Modeling is serious business and may take a toll on a kid at a young age. There will be a need to spend time or traveling to various places. Usually shoots for kids last around 2 to 3 hours which require high levels patience, tolerance, and cooperation on the part of the kid. Shoots may happen amidst working or schooling hours, which will require the kid to skip some hours, or for the parent to skip work to fit shoots in their schedule. Sacrificing some leisure time might become a norm too, as kids modeling demands children and parents to give it high priority and adopt a committed mindset.

Realistic Expectations

Perhaps the most realistic factor to consider is the limited success, recognition, and earnings at the onset of modeling. Sure a kid may aspire to be the next Hermione Granger of Harry Potter who will in his/her latter years become a supermodel like Emma Watson. But truth is kid models are likely to be inexperienced and have much room for development in terms of style, skill, and personality. As such their opportunities may be initially limited, usually around 2 to 3 assignments a month ranging $50-75 per hour on average. As such it becomes important to start off modeling with a love and passion for excelling in it, rather than focusing too much on financial reward.

A kid and parent alike must be able to embrace rejection from clients, and work up their way in the industry. Rejection from model agencies or clients doesn’t mean the child isn’t good enough, but more often they aren’t going for that style or look. Keep trying with other agencies, and hard work pays off.

Good Looks Don’t Guarantee Success in Modeling

Looking good with the key features such as angular face structure, good skin tone, and symmetrical face are all plus points and definitely attributes of a good model, but they alone are not enough. If your kid is extremely restless, tends to fidget continuously, unable to take advice and instructions from strangers, and doesn’t like to smile or to pose convincingly, these will all lead toward disaster in the modeling industry. Although these problems are rarely seen amongst adults, they are prevalent in kids, which create an uphill battle in achieving good contracts and assignments from the modelling agencies Singapore

Eat healthily and be Physically Active

This advice is given to all models alike but it’s especially more important for children, who can be easily attracted to junk food and sweet drinks. A kid should try to keep the expected body figure as much as possible. An active lifestyle comes into effect in keeping up the proper shape as well. Make sure they run around the field every once in a while apart from being stuck on their computer games or play station. Make sure, the kid is medically fit and capable enough to stand and pose for a long period of time too.

Lastly, parents shouldn’t force their kids to enter modeling and force upon them what they don’t like. Modeling should be a personal choice, and done only because they enjoy it. Ultimately that is what will see them through the tough phases of their work. Modeling isn’t for everyone, so make sure you understand the agency you are working with and the requirements expected of your child before making a long term commitment.