Top 3 Tips for a New, Aspiring Model

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As an aspiring Singapore model, the competition can be tough and it’s hard to become a top contender in the business without knowing the best tips and strategies in the field. So read on carefully and follow these tips religiously if you are looking for a successful modeling career.

Choosing the right model agency

    This can be harder than expected because of the numerous options at our disposal. The trick here is simple, RESEARCH. Not all modeling agencies will suit your style, so research on the various types of modeling jobs (fashion model, editorial or publication model, fashion shows, or television commercial acting model etc.) and choose the best Singapore model agency that suits your interest.

Any credible agency would prove itself by showing their model’s testimonials and reviews. Find out what the models have to say about their experiences, and you will be able to roughly figure out the kind of future you can expect there. Most importantly be careful of the fakes and stick to credible and well- established agencies.

Submit the best photos to get selected

    Once the right agency is chosen, applying to it requires a good sense of the industry as well. A standard resume and cover letter is a requirement, but in this industry, your photos take the top precedence. Agencies or employers are not looking for grandiose or modelesque photos to be submitted. In fact, that may be contra-positive to your chances. It may give the impression that you are a model who can fit into a particular style of modeling or someone that expects too much from the agency.

Agencies prefer to work with a blank canvas and mold you into the model that they believe suits your style. This requires you to send photos that are simple in clothing, minimalistic in make-up, void of unnecessary accessories, and most importantly portraying your natural beauty. Give various expressions and style. When in doubt just be simple and make sure your photos are unedited and an accurate representation of your normal physical appearance.

Keep your figure and personality in check

    Being a model is not simple about being a pretty face or having the perfect body. You have to know how to deal with your body. A confident personality is a must. During a photo shoot every single part of your body is working, like a dancer, you have to aware of the positioning of your body parts from your hair to your toe. Most importantly you have to be relaxed and confident with showing off your body. The energy that emanates from you in the photographs far outweighs your natural looks.

Also, despite the kind of model of you are, even if you are plus sized, there are certain specific requirements that you have to meet, thus exercise, eat healthily and keep yourself in shape. A healthy lifestyle also means your skin will show a naturally radiant glow, and make you a modeling asset.

Choosing the right Singapore model agency would mean half the war is won. The other half is about how far you willing to improve and develop yourself. Practice modeling poses by top models appearing on Vogue, Victoria’s secret or YouTube guide etcetera and do your research before getting involved in various projects. Best of luck to you to your aspirations!