Winter Beauty Tips for Singapore Models

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Singapore models who are traveling in winter conditions will especially be more vulnerable to the harsh cold weather conditions that can dry out and affect the skin, hair, and overall beauty. Here are some suggestions on how you can winter-proof your beauty.

‘This is the season to be jolly! The winter season is here and you may be traveling around the world for these holidays. Even while Singapore’s weather is nothing like the winter conditions of Europe, it’s nonetheless getting colder even here in Singapore with the rainy season upon us.

Drying of Skin

The main issue with cold weather conditions is the drying out of your skin easily. This can lead to multiple problems of drying around your body. Notice sensitive areas such as your elbows, hands, facial skin, eyes, lips and heels of your feet for signs of cracking, flakiness and chapping. You have to take action in this case, and it’s also better to avoid the occurrence. Carry around with you, oil based moisturizers rather than water-based to enable stronger moisture retention. Apply it on the dry and sensitive areas of your body every day. If you are going out for more than half hour a day, and expect to be under the sun or exposed to the wind on your face or body, use a moisturizer, balm or cream with an SPF value of higher than 30.

Hair Care

Frizzy hair can get worse in cold weather conditions with the buildup of negative ions. Flakiness, itchiness dandruff can happen as a result of this.  Treating your hair right is crucial to protect from the frosty weather. You can try using a mild shampoo anti-dandruff shampoo and use a conditioner to balance the ph levels of your hair. Use a comfortable brush to lightly brush your hair every day to be careful not to injure the scalp.

Reddening of Skin

Cold weather can dilate and constrict blood vessels in different parts of your body, that’s why you may observe that some people may have reddening in their nose, eyes or cheeks during cold weathers. If the reddening is bad, get yourself indoors and heat up before you have to go outdoors again. Using a warm compress on the reddish areas will speed up the clearing of reddening. 

Keep the Basics in Check

There a few basic pointers you need to jot down Singapore models. Drink plenty of clean water for keeping the natural moisture in your body. If you know you are visiting someplace cold, get good cashmere or thick fabric that comforts your body. Boots, gloves, leather jackets and anything else that can provide you style and comfort is good for your trip. On top of that, when showering or washing your face use lukewarm water instead of hot water even though it may feel good. Hot water can dehydrate your skin more than usual. 

Singapore models, hope you are well informed of how to maintain your beauty this winter. Have a jolly good time these holidays, because now you can enjoy the cold weather with complete protection!