Types of Modeling

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At Create Talents and Models we pride ourselves in working with talents of all ages, ethnicity, sizes, and types. We are constantly looking for passionate & hardworking models, who have well maintained body features and a clean well-groomed overall look, to join our family.

Fashion and editorial models usually have strict height requirements where female models are generally over 1.75m, and a male model is between 1.8m and 1.9m. Jobs related to these divisions are typically editorial spreads for fashion magazines such as ELLE, Men’s Health, and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) magazines. Models here have very high confidence in their bodies and a powerful look.

Commercial and lifestyle modeling is the most common form and many models start from here too. There are no specific ages, height, or size requirements and selection of models is based on their marketability and their suitability for the role. Take some time to browse the advertisements in newspapers and magazines; you will see that all ages, ethnicities, and sizes of people are represented. Models are used to act as family members, doctors, students, insurance, financial representatives and a plethora of others types. These are all acted by professional models and you have the opportunity to do so too! Your ability to act out and fit different roles will be assessed and our bookers will match your looks and expertise to the best fitting role.

Catalogue modeling is another tough opportunity to land as clients are highly selective on the models they want. Generally, girls over 175cm and vital statistics around 34-24-34 are expected. Male models are between 6' and 6'2" with a suit size usually anywhere from 39 to 42.

These specifications are not only for aesthetic purposes but because clients might not yet have gone into production and would only standard sized prototypes of the clothing design which requires them to pick models within that size range.

Runway models have generally the same height and size requirements as editorial and fashion modeling. However, the requirements vary for different projects. For instance, a small fashion show at the local mall (which is a common runway modeling project) probably won't require you to be a certain height or size.

What’s more important is that models are sought out for their experiences in runway modeling. Runway models would have to exude a high level of confidence.

This is a common form of modeling as there is a strong market for bridal accessories and wedding related products. Model brides are usually picked out for their sweet and positive look, and their willingness to don wedding gowns and portray them with confidence.

Create talents and Models, is proud to have worked with esteemed television and broadcasting companies and celebrities. We constantly welcome and decorate models with a good TV personality and acting caliber. A variety of models and a variety of looks are accepted here, without any restrictions.

There aren’t specific body size requirements in modeling for beauty related goods and services, cosmetics or hair products, but it isn’t necessarily easy to acquire these jobs either. Clients would expect clear skin, and good features. For example, if you are modeling for a shampoo advertisement you would need to have thick, luscious and firm hair. A clean, healthy and natural overall look is expected.

Clients and consumers are increasingly showing an affinity for models that are more representative of the men and the women in our society. This has given rise to plus-sized fashion and plus-sized models. The requirements are usually models beyond the size 14.


Who said modeling is only for youthful girls and guys only? At Create Talents we have plenty of kids and senior models who appear in print advertisements and commercials. 

 Have a look at our projects to get a further understanding about modeling industry.