How to make a great first Impression with a Modeling Agency?

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Excelling in the modern modeling industry without the aid of a well-established Singapore modeling agency is a task akin to climbing a mountain alone. Getting into a good model agency is essential and an agency which sees potential in you will be acquiring top notch jobs for you as well, but impressing an agency also seems like a daunting task. But do not fret, as we will list you some insider tips on how to make a perfect first impression that lasts.

Submit quality photographs
This would one of the first few things you would be submitting to the agency alongside your resume and cover letter. Now your instinct or first thought would tell you to go borrow your friend’s makeup and dress, and take as many glamour shots as possible. Quite to the contrary, that is actually a very wrong move.

Why? It’s because any Singapore modeling agency, like Create Talents and Models would be looking for a humble blank canvass they can weave to fit into modeling, rather someone who appears to be strongly inclined to a particular style of modeling and may pass off as arrogant. The agency would want to see what kinds of styles they can pull off with your look and how versatile you are. With their experienced staff, they will be able to visualize you with the makeup and clothes they want. Hence, your photographs should be very simple, with simple colored clothing and very minimal makeup (Some foundation and mascara at the most).

What you should work on is showing off your body with different poses. Using a regular Smartphone camera (You are a model who wants to make money; you are not expected to take professional studio quality shots on your own yet), try various poses and at various camera angles (Top-down, Bottom-up, side etcetera). Have at least one full body, half body, and face shot. The background of the photo should also be simple (A white wall would work best), and should not interfere with your natural look.

Ace your interview
The same philosophy of simplicity can be applied to your interview as well. Your most important accessory is your confidence. Minimal makeup and solid colored clothing is the best outfit to wear to the interview. Neat, thick and luscious hair helps; you definitely want to avoid frizz, so use a small amount of pomade to keep the stubborn ends in check. Smile whenever possible, and be confident during your interview. Show your passion for modeling by naming some of the models you look up to, and some of the poses you have learned on your own. That alone should suffice for the agency to choose you. Ultimately they are not looking for a finished package, but rather someone with the potential for development.

Upkeep your health and beauty towards your interview date
Be very mindful of what you eat, your sleep hours and general health and wellbeing. Good tips from models would be to moisturize your skin, condition your hair and wash your face regularly (2 to 3 times a day is adequate, over washing isn’t good as well). Avoid fast food and alcohol, and drink plenty of water (8 glasses minimum). Of course, the duration you should maintain this lifestyle is for as long as possible and time taken to see effects vary among people, but you should lead this lifestyle at least a week before your interview if you want to make a good impression.

In general, go organic with your food and beauty products. The natural products will give your skin a natural glow that is what a Singapore modeling agency is seeking for, anyone can wear makeup, but a model should strive to go an extra mile above a common person in terms of maintaining one’s natural looks.


Just like how a concrete foundation is a base for the tallest skyscraper, a well-established impression and relationship with the modeling agency plays a pivotal role in whether you make it or break it.